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Sports are Driven by Yamaha

The next time you’re at the big game, take a look around. You’ll be surprised at how often you’ll see a Yamaha hard at work.

When that injured player gets shuttled off the field, it’s a Yamaha doing the heavy lifting. But, that’s only the part of the work Yamaha’s do at a game that’s highly visible.

Behind the scenes in giant stadiums everywhere around the world, Yamaha is the golf car making sure that the game and the fan experience never miss a beat.

Whether it’s pro baseball, football, and even hockey, stadium staff rely on the power of Yamaha to get the job done.

And, of course, Yamaha Golf Cars drive - you guessed it - PGA Tour events worldwide, including the upcoming Ryder Cup in Minnesota at the Hazeltine Golf Course.

And, if we can run a PGA tournament and professional sports can run on the power of Yamaha, imagine what a Yamaha Golf Car can do for you.

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