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Golf Cart or Golf Car? Wait. There’s a difference?

It’s true. Most people who come into a Yamaha Golf & Utility first ask for a “cart.”

If we didn’t interpret that request, we’d probably have to show you one of these:

Sure enough, it can your golf clubs and bags. But, it doesn’t move on its own. So you have to push or pull the cart all 18 holes or to and from the cabin to the lake.

So that little extra “t” makes a big difference in meaning. Say “golf car,” and we think you’ll get exactly what you were looking for:

As Yamaha Golf Cars drive themselves, they’re called cars. Anything you push or pull? That’s called a cart. So Yamaha Golf & Utility sells, rents, and services golf cars that power courses, cabins, and sporting events worldwide.

Carts? They’re powered by horses. We’ll let them have’m. We’ll stick to self-driving Yamaha Golf Cars.

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