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First time buying a golf car? Here’s what you should know.

So you’re thinking about buying a golf car. Congratulations! Golf cars are versatile and indispensable on and off the golf course. They’re great for cabins, residential communities, and at events of any size.

But what should you consider before purchasing? Should I Buy New or Used? It’s like buying a used or new full sized car, there are more risks you shoulder when buying a used vehicle, but it comes with a less expensive price tag. New cars come equipped with the latest technology, no wear and tear, and the best feature: a factory warranty - a guarantee of life and service.

Should I Buy Gas or Electric? If quiet running is your primary objective - electric cars are the cars of choice. They’re great for golfers, closed communities, and recreation - provided they have access to an indoor place to recharge the battery. Drawback is that electric cars are more expensive and after 5-6 years of normal use, the batteries will need to be replaced.

If your primary goal is power, price and longevity, gas cars are the best choice. Gas Cars are less expensive and with simple maintenance, can last years beyond an electric car.

What Features Do I Need? Seating and Space Define the purpose of your golf car. Is the car for golf car use or transportation use? Do you expect to haul anything with it? There are options to have convertible back seats to haul people as well as seats that convert to boxes to haul supplies.

Customization Choose from different materials, body colors and accessories that best reflect your needs, style and personality. Just like your car the types of accessories that can be put on a golf car endless. The number one choice in 2016...Dual USB ports to accommodate all of your technology needs.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Yamaha Golf and Utility golf car professionals with any questions about any questions you have about your first golf car purchase.

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