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Cabins were made for golf cars.

Golf Cars get you there and back from the activities you love.

According to Consumer Reports, most drivers travel less than 40 miles a day. When you’re at the cabin, it’s even less. So why jump into your full size car and burn gas for short trips?

Especially in closed resorts or country cabins, golf cars - either gas or electric - will be a welcomed addition to your leisure.

With a golf car, you have the freedom to jump into your golf car and don’t miss a beat from the drive to the course to your first drive on the first hole.

Electric golf cars have a typical range of 75 to 100 miles, so you’re assured to get there and back without the need for a charge, or if gas, even more mileage without a refuel. The ever increasing popularity of electric vehicles is also making public charging stations pop up around the country - extending your distance.

If you have lots of land, options abound for golf cars with a little more off-roading capability, towing, and weight, so you can explore the land, collect firewood and bring it back to the campsite in time for nightfall and that relaxing fire with friends and family.

No matter what your cabin experience looks like, there’s a golf car to fit that occasion.

Reach out to a Yamaha Golf and Utility golf car professionals to find out how to make your cabin experience even better with a golf car.

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