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5 Steps to Get your Golf Car Ready for the Course or Cabin

These steps will help you enjoy your summer and not about golf car maintenance.

It’s that time again - we’re all gearing up to get up to that cabin and enjoy some sun and fun.

It’s also time to pull your golf car out of storage and get it ready for the season. After a long period of not being used, just like your car, golf cars need maintenance and care, which you can do in just five steps.

Power - Battery Check After a long winter, batteries can have a cell go bad or lose a charge completely. Visually inspect and clean the terminals, and make sure they’re tight. Also, check the water levels in the batteries. If after this process you have voltage problems, replace the battery.

Tires - Pressure Check Rear Tires 16-20 PSI, Front 14-18 PSI Air temperature changes from fall, winter, and spring wreaks havoc on tires, leaving them under inflated. While checking pressure, always visually inspect the tires to ensure there’s no cracks, tears, holes, or dry-rot.

Corrosion - Check the frame Change in seasons brings changes in condensation, which brings corrosion. Look under the golf car to look at its frame, check the battery trays and hold-down for cable connection. Corrosion might look like a slow process, but over a season, untreated corrosion rots cables and battery posts and shortens the life of your golf car.

Operation - Brake, Suspension and Steering Check After being unused for months, the moving parts of your golf car are being asked to move again. Make sure that you inspect, tighten, clean, and lubricate these essential moving parts. Not only does it help keep you safe, but it also increases the life of a golf car.

Safety - Mirrors, Lights, License Plate Check Inspect your mirrors and lights to make sure they still function properly. Replace bulbs as needed. Tighten mirrors and make sure they’re clean. Make sure the license plate is securely fastened.

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